Mr. Kashinath Jagdale

Mr. Kashinath Jagdale

Technico Engineering


Our Company, Technico Engineers was established in 1976. We were a ‘Partnership’ firm up until 2001, post that we ran the business ourselves. In initial stages, we faced a lot of roadblocks to run the business, financially and morally. While going through the turmoil, we got tremendous support from relatives and friends. They helped us get over our financial setbacks and provided us the much-needed cushion through moral support.

For the past 40 years, we’ve constantly focused on ‘Quality’ delivery and this has helped us gather long-lasting customers who repeatedly deal with us at regular intervals.

EFL Role:

After doing our thorough research, we were introduced to EFL. After we first discussed our requirement, we realized EFL truly provides an encouraging platform for expansion. We were sanctioned our first machinery loan of Rs. 60 lakhs from EFL. The fund injected life in to our future plans of increasing the production capacity.