Your Guide to Buying a VMC Machine

Your Guide to Buying a VMC Machine

By admin | March 19, 2021

Milling is an important part of several types of manufacturing industries. Today, milling machines are used to make the process of milling much easier and faster. There are several types of milling machines available in the market. Most are multi-purpose machines which can take care of a variety of tasks. 

If you’re looking to make custom parts for use in a variety of different types of applications, then you may consider purchasing a milling centre which will help you with the milling process. Milling centres are of primarily two types: vertical machining centres and horizontal machining centres.

Vertical machining centres (VMC) are one of the most common types of milling machines used in factories. 

What is VMC Machine? 

VMC machines are cutting machines that are primarily used to remove aluminium, steel, or other hard metals. Using a VMC, you can shape a hard block of metal into any shape that you need. This process will give you a machined surface on your basic material. 

In addition to cutting, VMCs can also be used to drill, carve, engrave, or chamfer the basic raw material. A VMC has a wide variety of applications and is found in factories around the world. Some of the industries that commonly use VMCs include the automotive industry, shipping industry, machine shops, manufacturing industry. 

They also have a relatively low-cost compared to other alternatives, which increases their popularity. 

How to Choose a VMC Machine? 

VMC machines come in several variations. This is why it is important to know your own needs before investing in one. Here are some of the main characteristics that you will need to consider. 


Each VMC machine has a limit to its precision. There are types of VMC machines that are highly accurate and precise, whereas others are much less so. The higher precision machines also cost a lot more. Hence, you need to consider your own accuracy needs and purchase a VMC machine accordingly.

Rotary Device 

You do not need a rotary device for every type of machining job. The basic 3-axis VMC will allow you 3-dimensional cutting on one side of the workpiece. For more sophisticated jobs, you may consider a 4 or 5-dimension machine.


Choosing the manufacturer is just as important as choosing the machine. You need to look into whether a manufacturer has a reputation for quality machines and fast service. You also need to check whether they continue to service old models.

Every kind of VMC machine is available for sale in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, Chennai, and in most parts of India. 

What are the Difference between CNC and VMC? 

There are two types of VMC machines. Those that have a CNC and those that do not. 

A CNC is a Computer Numerical Control. The CNC allows you to control the VMC through a computer-based input system. In VMCs which do not have a CNC, you need to use templates or cams to control the machine. 

It is advisable to purchase a VMC that has a CNC, because it is much easier to control the operation of the VMC through a computer, rather than manually controlling it. 

Used VMC Machine or New VMC Machine 

You have the option of purchasing a second VMC machine or a brand new VMC machine. You’ll find many used VMCs for sale in India. The choice between the two depends entirely on your requirements and your budget. 

A second hand VMC machine will have wear and tear on it that will reduce its overall life. A brand new machine will have a longer life. 

However, the VMC machine price can be a lot higher for new machines compared to used machines. It is quite easy to buy and sell VMC because there is a large market for such machines in India. 

Final Thoughts 

If you’re looking to buy a VMC machine, then you need to properly understand your requirements. It can be quite confusing to select the right VMC for your needs, which is why you should talk to people in the area to get a better sense of which machine you should go for.

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