Guide on How to Effectively Sell Your Used Machinery

Guide on How to Effectively Sell Your Used Machinery

By admin | March 19, 2021

In the current e-commerce scenario renting, selling, and buying of used machinery online is as easy as it gets. There’s n number of popular channels that are both authentic and have a good commission structure.

Despite all the easy procedures, the sellers must do their bit in making sure that the customer has a satisfactory experience. The seller shouldn’t have any problem with going the extra mile for a customer. Here’s what you can do from your end and focus on customer satisfaction and experience.

Always Check Resale Condition and Workability

When the machine is not in use it gets faulty and weak, and if sold in that condition it might put you in the customer’s bad graces. Make sure to examine the pieces of machinery or call in someone who can give you expert advice before you put it up for sale.

If you have used machinery that is beyond repair, you can sell it to customers who will buy it for parts or scrap metal. While buying or renting a machine, the customers usually look for the workability condition of the machine.

Try uploading a combination of photographs and videos on your website to give the potential buyer a good look at the machinery.

EFL Connections is one such website that’s known for providing the sellers with a platform to upload images and videos. Video calling is also a good way to showcase your machinery.

Let’s say a customer is looking for used machinery for sale in Chennai, you could do a live video call with them and show them the machine in a running condition.

Check the Market Value of the Machine and Proper Documentations

Once you have decided which machinery to sell or rent out, the next step would be to make a thorough research on the market value of that machine. Overvaluing the machinery will most likely send the customer away while undervaluing the machinery will be unfair to your business. Keep in mind that the price of the used machinery depends on the date of manufacturing which determines its depreciation, existing physical condition, and estimated useful life.

The next step is documents – if you have the relevant documents i.e. purchase documents, industrial machinery manuals, maintenance reports, etc, the customer is more likely to trust you and come back for more purchases.

Find the Right Platform to Sell

Finding the correct website and online platform is important when you buy or sell second-hand machinery. Ensure that you have read the terms and conditions of marketing and advertisements before settling on a website, and avoid any kind of unfair agreements.

EFL Connections is one such platform to rent, buy, or sell machinery online, which is both trusted and reliable. Rest assured you will defiantly get the fair market price that you deserve and will have your customers looking for more. Head over to EFL connections and you will find all the details and information you need to make your customer a happy customer.

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