Factors to Consider When Buying Raw Materials

Factors to Consider When Buying Raw Materials

By admin | March 19, 2021

What are raw materials?

Raw materials, unprocessed materials, primary commodities or feedstock are the base materials used to produce goods. After several intermediary processes of treating basic materials future finished products are produced. EFL Connections help MSME’s to obtain raw materials at affordable rates in a timely manner in order to satisfy their raw material needs.There are various plastic raw materials and steel raw materials currently offered by EFL Connections. In the steel category  Coated, Cold- rolled, galvanized, hot rolled, stainless and structural varieties of steel are offered for MSME’s to choose from. The Plastic economy in India has a wide range of practical applications that are integral to the economy. From the packaging sector to the automobile sector, plastic has been a vital raw material in shaping these industries. Recognizing this, EFL Connections offers businesses a variety of plastic raw materials like Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA), HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, Polypropylene (PP) and PVC-Resin.

Where to buy raw materials?

If MSME’s are interested in procuring quality raw materials, they can easily transact on EFL Connections online platform. All they have to do is Sign in and get registered, browse the website for the products they need which are categorized for convenience. Once this is done, the EFL Connections platform will connect buyers directly with sellers without any middleman interference. Once the order is placed Standard Stock Units take approximately 48-72 hours to be delivered. However, non-standard stock keeping units take slightly longer depending on the specifications. Buyers are assigned a Key Account Manager so as to keep them updated with the order or any queries he/she has regarding the same. All products purchased through EFL Connections come with a Standard Manufacturing Warranty where applicable. Buyers can also cancel orders up to 7 days from when the raw materials have been delivered. 

EFL Connections ensures maximum flexibility while making a purchase, keeping the customers needs as a top priority, always. For buyers there are several payment options through RTGS/NEFT. Additionally, buyers can issue Cheques, letters of Credit and bank guarantees. Financial facilities offered by EFL Connections are through loans to help procure raw materials and there is sufficient information about the same here

If you’re looking to buy raw materials online or raw material finance, EFL Connections has one of the best seller databases of raw materials available in India. Now that you have all this information, it is time to start cracking down and ring in the new year on an all-time business opportunity high! 

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