Can Your Solar Panels Run an AC?

Can Your Solar Panels Run an AC?

With increased adoption worldwide, solar energy is transforming into the new normal. When optimised appropriately, solar panels can power various household appliances and reduce your dependence on the grid. But summers are already here, and the temperature is steadily rising. Thus, it is evident for people to ask, can solar panels run AC? So, let’s see if solar panels can generate enough energy to run an air conditioner. 

Is It Possible To Run an AC With Solar Panels? 

The answer is yes. You can run an AC with solar power. In fact, it is an excellent idea to run AC with solar panels, as, while saving a lot of money, it can also help you contribute your bit towards environment conservation. Powerful solar panels and an efficient converter system can make it possible. 

You could be connected to the grid or completely off-grid – both systems will allow you to power your AC with solar energy and reduce your electricity costs rapidly. 

A system connected to the grid will provide energy backup during the evening or when the weather is overcast. Thus, you don’t have to think about batteries if you are connected to the grid. But you will need a battery if you aren’t connected to the grid, especially to use the energy stored during the dark or in cloudy weather conditions. However, you must note that running an AC on stored power can drain the battery after some time. 

How Many Solar Panels Do I Require To Run an AC? 

Let’s say you have a 1.5-ton AC. The number of solar panels required to run an AC of this size comfortably depends upon the maximum kVA of every solar panel. But generally, experts advise employing about ten panels with a wattage of about 250 watts each. 

How Many Watts Does an AC Use? 

The wattage consumption of the AC depends on its function and action. In India, people usually use split or ducted ACs. A split is a single wall-mounted AC unit that cools the immediate area in which the unit is installed. On the other hand, a ducted AC system has multiple outlets and a central AC that provides cool air through the vents. 

Usually, split systems start at 2.5 kW and go up to 10 kW. Ducted units could be larger and vary depending on the building’s size and the outlets required. 

How Many Solar Panels Are Required for a 3600-Watt AC? 

Now let’s say you are using 250-watt panels. So, it requires about 15 solar panels to power a 3600-watt AC. Deploying 15 solar panels can also help run a central air conditioner. It is the right measurement based on the watts and solar panels. 

Running an AC of 3600 watts on solar power can help save a small house a lot of month-to-month costs. You can keep your home cool at a much more affordable price. But you must also note that solar panels can power an AC only while operating at peak times. 

How Many Solar Panels Are Required for a One-Ton AC? 

As seen earlier, if a 1.5-ton AC requires around ten panels, a 1-ton AC can comfortably work with around six panels with 250 watts. 

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Ashutosh P

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